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Sea­Port Realty is a Washington State licensed real estate firm. Our name Sea­Port Realty is short for Seattle to Portland Real Estate. Our coverage areas lie between Seattle & Portland North to South and from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean East to West. We pride ourselves in doing what most other Real Estate Companies do not, we specialize is rural property of all types, all shapes and all sizes. Buying or Selling property is not like buying a home it is actually more fun but also more complicated. Don't Get Burned by Choosing the Wrong Broker. 

Buyer's be a savvy investor don't go into this land endeavor blind, put our experience behind you. Seller's don't list with a firm because they have big name recognition. Most of my current listings are from listings that expired form larger but less effective Brokers who ignored your listing because land is not their expertise. Don't just hire any realtor or real estate firm hire the best, Curt Christopherson & Sea­Port Realty, of course we're biased but we back it up with a proven track record of success.

Before listing your property or hiring a buyer's agent to represent you there are some important facts you should know about Curt Christopherson and Sea­Port Realty.

Sea­Port Realty and Curt Christopherson have sold over 200 land and farm listings in the past 5 years many of which we represented successfully as a dual agent in the transaction. We have listed and sold property from $10,000 to $2,000,000, no matter the price the top notch service is always the same. To us all listings are important, we believe doing a good job for all and word of mouth is the best way to continue our success at Sea­Port Realty.

Sea­Port Realty believes to make money you need to spend money. To this end we go way above and beyond our competition in advertising our listings. We advertise where buyers look for land while competition believes the MLS is enough we know the MLS is not nearly enough, land sales take more exposure, more effort and more expertise, we provide this to our customers.

Rural property and land is the primary focus of our business rural property makes up 80% of our listing inventory and 80% of our annual sales. While our competition is the reverse 80% or more in residential sales. To most real estate brokers land listings are ignored where as with our firm it is our priority. However the truth be known Curt Christopherson, President of Sea­Port Realty has been in Real estate nearly 30 years, to this end we are also very proficient in residential sales, condominiums, investment property and development. There is nothing like experience and we offer it.

Sea­Port Realty is one of few Brokers who is a member of both the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and The Regional Multiple Listing Service which cover both Washington State and Oregon, meaning double the MLS exposure and double the exposure to agents who have buyers looking for property in Washington State

We hope after you read all about Sea­Port Realty and research our company you will understand that Sea­Port Realty the best choice, the only choice for buyer's and seller's seeking rural property is Sea­Port Realty. We encourage you to compare our firm with anyone we believe we are the best choice but is you still have questions give us call, send us an email, advice and opinions are always free of charge.
Curt Christopherson
Curt Christopherson
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